• Control over compliance with the legal requirements in respect of family business ownership structure (timely preparation and submission of accounting and corporate reports, taxes and fees payment, etc.);
  • Support and coordination of transactions for acquisition (sale) of private and corporate assets (real estate, shares / interests in foreign and Russian companies, yachts, private aircrafts, art objects);
  • Overseeing and discussion of issues of private wealth management (structuring, asset protection, succession and estate planning, family property relations, general principles of corporate and family governance, relocation, deoffshorization and CFC rules, automatic exchange of information, currency control issues);
  • Preparation of budgets and control over expenditures in respect of personal structures;
  • Duly selection and appointment of directors, protectors, authorized persons and consultants for foreign personal companies, private foundations or trusts;
  • Independent maintenance of secure and confidential electronic document flow system and monthly monitoring of the correctness of archiving documents to the system.

Roman Reshetyuk

Partner, Legal and Tax Support


Prior to the establishment of LEON Family Office, Roman worked as an attorney in Private Wealth Services group in PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Roman specializes in the field of set-up and ongoing coordination of personal holding vehicles, as well as in the field of management and control services. He has significant experience in developing and implementing corporate and family governance structures, shareholder agreements, and M&A support for private clients.

Roman received a higher legal education, has a TEP qualification and is a certified specialist in the field of trusts and estate planning (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).

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