Personal financial planning

  • Setting long-term investment objectives with due consideration and respect of interests of all family members;
  • Developing financial plans with due consideration of the requirements for succession planning;
  • Elaborating a strategic and tactical assets management structure and their allocation;
  • Annual comprehensive review of the overall financial conditions and adjustment of investment strategy;
  • Risk management and insurance;
  • Integrated assessment of the quality of asset management and financial plan implementation;

Management of liquid assets in international markets

  • Development of the optimal asset structure based on investment objectives and long-term outlook on capital markets;
  • Search for the most attractive investment themes and sectors for investment;
  • Assistance in selection of the most preferred banks, funds and investment managers;
  • Conduct of negotiations to optimize the cost of banks and external managers’ services;
  • Implementation of investment strategy on clients’ accounts in leading banks. Depending on the clients’ preferences, the strategy can be implemented through the investments in individual instruments (stocks, bonds, indices, etc.), as well as through the portfolio of funds and discretionary strategies;
  • Execution of transactions on the client's accounts and control over the execution of transactions in case of external asset management;
  • Constant monitoring of the portfolio for adherence to key parameters (risk, profitability, liquidity, etc.);
  • Personal approach to communication with the client;

Preparation of consolidated statements on all assets and analysis of investment results

  • Collection, consolidation and daily updating of information on all liquid and illiquid assets held by various banks;
  • Formation of consolidated statements on all assets based on all available data from investment managers and banks;
  • Recognition of the effect of exchange rate differences. Opportunity to select the currency of the statements;
  • Statements on different classes of assets with due consideration of their characteristics (bonds, private equity funds, hedge funds, shares, etc.);
  • Ability to draw-up statements with due consideration of closed positions, inflow and outflow of assets during the year, transfers between accounts;
  • Detailed report on all transactions and paid commissions;
  • Analysis of management effectiveness;
  • Confidential storage of information on a secure server;

Assistance in organization of financing

  • Search for the proper bank for financing;
  • Verification of bank documentation;
  • Assistance in arrangements for financing of residential estate, yachts, private aircrafts, private collections (art, antiques objects, retro cars, etc.);
  • Assistance in search for residential estate for the purpose of buying / selling or renting;
  • Comprehensive assessment of the investment attractiveness and scheme of facility financing;
  • Agreement of individual transaction terms (including individual interest rates, special terms for the repayment of obligations, discussion of individual conditions regarding pledge, etc.).

Support of direct investments and real estate projects

  • Primary assessment of investment attractiveness of projects;
  • Conduct of initial meetings with project managers and consultants;
  • Collection of information for detailed analysis of project by the request of client;
  • Assistance in the selection of banks, consultants, managers for the implementation of projects.

Andrei Ivanov

Partner, Investment Advisory Services


Andrey has experience in wealth management for more than 18 years. Prior to the establishment of LEON Family Office, Andrei was responsible for investment management in global markets at the family office of Quinta Capital Partners and was Managing Director at Renaissance Investment Management, and BCS. Moreover, Andrei has a profound experience in equity research and project evaluation in companies like Troika Dialog and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Andrei graduated from the physical faculty of Moscow State University (MSU), has international qualifications in the field of investment analysis and financial accounting (CFA and ACCA), as well as certificates in asset management from the Russian Federal Service for Financial Markets (FCSM) and the Cyprus Ministry of Finance

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