Our advantages

One window support in key areas

The LEON team consists of experienced international lawyers and asset managers, which make it possible to solve all tasks seamlessly and reduce time and possible risks for the client. We constantly oversee changes in legislation and support the optimal structure of asset possession.


Full transparency of services cost

We have a simple and understandable fee structure that allows us to reduce investment risks and client’s expenditures on the banking and corporate platform.


Cost minimization

LEON is a major client for banks and service companies. This allows us to receive special terms with respect to commissions, thereby reducing operating costs of our clients. In addition, we draw up and monitor the expenses budget on personal legal structures.


Consolidated statements and analysis of quality management

We keep consolidated statements on all client assets in all banks, which allow us to analyze client’s expenditures, the impact of exchange rate differences and assess the quality of management of individual portfolios and asset classes.


Adherence to highest standards of service

LEON MFO Investments Limited provides investment management services by virtue of having licenses for investment advice, assets management and corporate finance services. The company is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and is obliged to adhere to the highest standards, established in the European Union in relation to the quality of risk management and protection of investors’ interests (MiFID II). More information about the company can be found at http://leoninvestments.com.cy/


ПPersonal approach and confidentiality

We deliberately limit the number of clients in order to maintain a personal approach and constant availability of our employees for each client. Confidentiality and protection of personal information and full adherence to all legal standards are our top priorities. We help our clients to create a personal and reliable system for storing information and documents.


Professional Management of Projects

Key employees of the company have more than 10-15 years of experience in international law, capital and investment management, as well as continuity in leading companies and family offices (PwC, Renaissance, Troika, HSBC, Raiffeisen). Our employees have professional certificates in the field of asset management (CFA/ACCA), trust management and estate planning (TEP). LEON has strong business relations with more than 50 credible organizations among which are largest international banks, leading trust companies, tax and legal consulting firms. This allows us to quickly and efficiently execute almost any projects at a reasonable price.

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